Universal Success Academy is an online academy that aims to empower every individual with its unique materials.

Universal Success Academy’s mission is to empower every individual for more successful and fulfilling life.

Universal Success Academy’s vision is to improve humanity, contribute to the world’s peace by empowering every individual on earth through truthful, scientific and spiritual education.

And we do not hesitate to provide free education to accomplish our mission at all.

If you wish to get free education all you need to do is to show us how serious you are about being a success in life by filling our contact form.


Alternatively you can grab our essential book “The Infinite You” now and become one fo the first readers of the book.

Once we have assessed your application, second and most important thing we want you to do is to watch your thoughts and deeds from then on. Try not to generate negative or harmful thoughts and harm no living being. Teach at least one person a day how important their thoughts and feelings are in creating a peaceful, more productive and happier world.

If our mission and vision excited you, go back to the “Contact Us” page and fill the form now. We look forward to contributing to your success which is improvement of our dear humanity.




We do not advise you to accomplish a massive success without the necessary wisdom that helps you hold the power of your achievement. Hence USA is not where you learn how to set goals and run towards it like a horse. We know how vital it is to gain necessary wisdom, inner strength in the process in order to handle the power of your success well and continue accomplishing bigger successes, inspiring others to do the same.


Hence before delivering our free mentoring programme we make sure that you are ready and eager to develop deeper understanding of everything we teach. Do not worry if we think that you are not ready, we give you homework to activate your deeper understanding ability which is wisdom. Once you have done that, we ask you a few vital questions before beginning your great journey to success and wisdom.  We assure you that you will love the whole process as you see your growth.




Have you ever seen, read or heard about men and women who are extremely successful but not happy? Yes, you have because the world is full of them. Why are they so miserable despite their massive success? Because they had not become wise in the process, they had not developed healthy self-esteem but ego, they had not understood themselves but business, competition and ruthless war in that environment. What do those people do when they become successful? They are still unable to love and accept themselves while millions adore them, they still feel unworthy and undeserving what they have unknowingly.


Hence before we show you the road to success and power, we encourage you to discover the power and greatness within, develop inner strength, help you free yourself from mental, psychological, emotional slaveries you have been going through unknowingly in your entire life. That is because we know what you will do when you are successful just like many do. You will misuse even abuse your power over others and become unhappy as a result.


Therefore we begin with YOU. We hold you a mirror again and again until you smile at the person in the mirror before taking the road to your EXPLOSIVE MASSIVE SUCCESS.


Our essential book “The Infinite You”  is designed to help you do that, too.